Drawdown: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming

Author/Editor: Paul Hawken


Amidst prevailing fear and apathy, a united international coalition of researchers, professionals, and scientists has assembled to present a pragmatic and daring response to the challenges of climate change. Within these pages, you will discover a compendium of one hundred practical techniques and practices—some widely recognized, while others may surprise you. Spanning the realms of clean energy, education for disadvantaged girls, and innovative land use practices that actively remove carbon from the atmosphere, these solutions are not just theoretical aspirations. Communities worldwide are already implementing them with remarkable skill and unwavering determination.

If embraced collectively on a global scale within the next three decades, these strategies offer a tangible and viable path forward. They hold the potential not only to decelerate the earth’s rising temperatures but to achieve drawdown—an inflection point where greenhouse gases in the atmosphere reach their peak and begin to decline. Importantly, these measures go beyond mitigating climate change; they promise an array of interconnected benefits, positively impacting human health, security, prosperity, and overall well-being. Consequently, this planetary crisis presents an unprecedented opportunity—an opportunity to forge a just and livable world for all.